Feather : The down used for the padding of duvets is a mix of duck and goose down with fill-power 750, entirely regenerated by jackets, duvets, pillows and other used items.

Replumè garments contain about 80% of white goose down and only 15/20% of feathers, thus synonymous with a guarantee of a high fill-power: the higher the swelling power, the higher the performance in terms of lightness, heat capacity and insulating properties

The Replumè duvet is therefore an excellent compromise between warmth, weight and respect for the environment. The goal is once again to offer the highest quality by reducing waste and creating value in the recycling flow and at the same time offering optimal comfort, ensuring warmth and versatility.

Once collected, the feathers are washed, sterilized and carefully selected to ensure the right balance between lightness and the ability to retain heat. This process can be repeated indefinitely in a virtuous circle of recovery and reuse.

Natural down has a negative impact of 90% less than classic synthetic fillings and in general, has a lower impact on ecosystems and climate change.. 

Our feather is GRS certified which declares the use of recycled materials and compliance with environmental criteria in all stages of production processes.

The Global Recycle Standard is promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most important international non-profit organizations for responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector. The standard recognizes the importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model, with the aim of promoting the reduction of resource consumption (virgin raw materials, water and energy) and increasing the quality of recycled products.


The 4 phases of the recycling process of Feather :


  1. Through special programs and initiatives we collect the feathers of products that are now old and no longer used.
  1. The down reaches our collection points, where it is organized, divided and grouped (according to the different qualities of the down) for transport to the factory.
  1. Once reached the factory, the down is processed and recycled, going through various phases: dedusting, washing and drying.
  1. The feather is inserted inside our duvets, thus giving life to a new recycled garment.