The principle that animates Replume is linked to the use of recycled materials (1) and to the “Infinite life cycle” (2) of the duvet.

Recycled materials:

1. Feather:mix of goose and duck feathers that are regenerated through a specific process.

2. Nylon:it allows to avoid some of the most polluting steps of the classic Nylon production process, making the process more ecological. Barrels of oil are saved and above all, the production of carbon dioxide is largely avoided, reducing potential global warming.

The 4 phases of the Feather Recycling process:

  1. Through special programs and initiatives we collect the down of products that are now old and no longer used.
  2. The down reaches our collection points, where it is organized, divided and grouped (according to the different qualities of the down) for transport to the factory.
  3. Once reached the factory, the down is processed and recycled, undergoing various phases:dedusting, washing and drying.
  4. The feather is inserted inside our duvets, thus giving life to a new garment  recycled.

Replume therefore identifies itself as the modern"Duvet", made in a completely natural way, places at the center of its thoughts not only the wearability and thermal insulation, but also everything related to the surrounding environment, the world in which it lives. , improving life, re-generating a new life.